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Every heart beat is counted with Schaffner

Electrification is a general global trend. In hospitals the number of electronic medical devices is rising constantly. In the fields of medical equipment, electro-magnetic interference (EMI) between several medical devices may be life threatening.

High power installations like in robot-aided surgery or X-ray systems are installed in close proximity to imaging diagnostics. Electro-magnetic compatibility is therefore crucial for a trouble-free operation.

Schaffner, the market leader in EMC filters and power quality devices, has consistently extended its proven IEC Inlet family with single- and dual stage IEC inlet filter adapted to the market needs and, especially when it comes to human lifes, is keen on constantly improving the state of the art of interference suppression of devices for medical application.

There are several product families dedicated to the use in medical market. The main benefits are high performance and the absence of harmful leakage currents. (e.g. FN9274)

In addition to that, all standard EMC filters offer a reduced leakage current version.

We are proud to support industry leaders in Europe, North America, and Asia/Pacific in developing highly reliable and compliant medical systems.


Industries we supply

  • Medical X-Ray
  • Diagnostics
  • Motor powered medical applications (e.g. beds)


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